Link Style Rain Chains

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Rain Chains come in 8 1/2 ft. lengths, but can be custom made any length required at no additional labor cost except cost-per-foot.  Each comes with a gutter attachment piece for easy installation.   

Recommended use of RCR-1 Installation Kit for all Link style Rain Chains-- see accessories).

#1112 Hand Carved Wood Link

#3130-2"  Copper Double Loops     #3130-2-AL Aluminum Double Loops  

3130-3" Copper Double Loops 3130-BLK Powder Coated Alum. Dbl. Loops

3130-BRZ Powder Coated Alum. Dbl. Loops

#3131 Traditional  Large Link ~3/16" wire (#3131-H Heavy Duty ~5/16" wire)              

#3131-B Brass Link                                 #3132 Extra Link   Copper

    #3133 Link & Loops Copper Chain      #3134 Infinity Link

wpe69.jpg (25321 bytes)   #3138 3"x2" Oval Loops                       #3181 Twist Link                                                         

#3183 Triple Loops                  #3199 BLK-- Architectural Links

#3199 BRZ- Architectural Links

#4420 Gina K aluminum                    #4545 Om (Cast Brass/copper plated)   

   #6886  Copper Zen Loops               

 wpe6.jpg (16299 bytes)    #T-4 Aluminum  Chain                          #T4 Aluminum Black Powder Coat

T4 Aluminum Bronze Pwd. Ct.       #T-5 Extra Link Aluminum Anodized


Stainless Steel Links

#5151 Fleur de Lis Aluminim with Bronze Powder Coat  3199-BLK Architechtural Links

SS-01  1/8"    SS-02  3/16"    SS-03  1/4"     SS-04  5/16"

Copper Clad Stainless Steel Rain Chains (each design also available in Stainless Steel)

Y-9004 Copper Clad Circles                Y-9004SS Stainless Steel Circles

Cast Links Rain Chains 

CL  Cast Copper Links ((6 links per foot)

CL-01 Cast Copper Oval & Round (4 of each per foot)

CL-02 Cast Copper Oval & 2 Rounds (3 Oval & 6 Rounds per foot)

Comparison of Cast Link Chain to link chain: