Cast Brass Bells

Each of these bells is rough cast out of brass, then hand tooled on the outside.  The designs are original with slight variations due to the handcraft nature of the bell.  Each one comes with a detailed chain and hook, and a functional clapper inside. Produces a soothing, long-lasting tone.

Left in its natural state, the bell will turn dark golden brown in your garden with exposure to the elements, or you can lacquer it to preserve the shiny finish. Because brass does not rust, this beautiful and unique garden sculpture will last a lifetime.

Carved Brass Bell #1768

Resting Birds Bell #1760

Ganesha Bell #1765     

Fire Bird Bell #1767   

Ht. 11"            BottomWidth5.5"                 Length Chain 11"  Wt. 8 lbs.
Ht. 14"  BottomWidth8"              Wt.12.7 lbs.
Ht. 9"            BottomWidth7"                 BirdWidth9"             Length Chain15"
Ht. 9"            BottomWidth5.5"                 Length Chain 13"