Accessories and Accents

Installation Kits  Used to reduce  large openings in gutter and funnel the water more efficiently.  Rain Chains for which these are recommended are marked with * on the price sheet; also recommended for custom lengths longer than 8 1/2 ft.  Installation kits require a hole of ~2 1/4" in the eaves trough  to insert the 2 1/8" O.D. spout.  RCR-1 and RCR-2 extend 3" down.


wpe67.jpg (5688 bytes)RCR-1 Copper 3" extension (2" diameter)   

RCR-1-LG3" extension  (3" diameter) downspout  (NOTE: Does not fit all gutters (e.g., K5 size). For higher waterflow conditions. A rain chain of appropriate size should be chosen for this kit!)

RCR-1-6 Copper 6" extension

RCR-2  Aluminum 3" extension 

RCR-2-BLK Aluminum 3" extension with Black Powder Coating

RCR-2-BRNZ Aluminum 3" extension with Bronze Powder Coating

RCR-2-6 Aluminum 6" extension

RCR-1-HR   Half Round Copper extension

RCR-1-HR-AL  Half Round Aluminum extention

RCR-1-OS Offset (~2") Installation

RCR-5  Rain Chain Doubler 

LCR-1 (copper) LCR-2 (Aluminum) Link Chain Reducers. 

Basins and Endings

wpe3.jpg (18944 bytes)  #3145   16" Hand Hammered Copper Catch Basin               

#3145 - AL    16" Hand Hammered Aluminum Catch Basin                                    

   #3145-A 16" Hand Hammered Copper Catch Basin with center loop

#3145-AL LOOP     16" Hand Hammered Aluminum Catch Basin with center loop

#3120 Hand Hammered Copper Basin

#3171 Bella Dish

#4298 Square Dish

#4298-A Square Dish w/Loop

#1113 Downspout Diverter (20" long)

#3120-A    18" width x 7"depth #3120-B    22"          x  8"    #3120-C    30"          x  8"

 DLK  DLK-A  Loop kits for bottom of basin

V-Hook   (specify finish)  In case you lose the v-hook that comes with each rain chain.

RCS-1  Rain Chain Stake 

10.5" long, to secure rain chain to ground.  Cast Aluminum with Antique Copper Finish,  Comes with brass ring and a short section of light copper chain to wire to bottom of existing rain chain.

#3141 Corner Leaderhead

Crafted in pure, thick copper, our leaderhead comes with the following features:

Copper Display



inside (reflection is misleading -- there are only 6 openings)

Gutter Blocker

3177 Gutter Blocker

2 Ft. Copper Mini Gutter

MG-1 (left or right) Comes with 3 clips & screws for installation.