Examples of Past "One-Of-A-Kind"    Large Custom Work      




Custom designs are available by most of the artists I represent.  Keep checking back, as pictures will be added as work is completed. 

Listed below in alphabetical order, are some examples of -- but not limited to -- the extent of each artist's capabilities and past work.  When you find a portfolio that 'feels right' to you, call me.  We can discuss design elements, materials, placement, size, advance deposits required, price constraints, delivery and installation.  Once the basics are agreed upon, the artist will contact you to refine the design details and provide sketches.

Bim Willow -- Bims sculptures are fashioned from sticks, grafted trees, sod, and hand carved stone.  The largest sculpture hes erected to date is a 55 ft. tall chair.  Click here to see additional examples of his work.



Bim Willow, in collaboration with Lin McIntosh Studios:

2009 Morton Arb, Lisle, IL  2012   30 ft. Dragon, Michigan State University Horticultural , Lansing, MI

  2014  40 ft. Re-design of Dragon, MSU,  Lansing, MI

2015 Gilda's Arbor

Garden Deva -- A very few possibilites are shown below.  Quotes will be given on any idea -- no job too small or large.  Click here to see additional ideas from Lisa.

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Le Primitif  -- Haitian artisans will handmake a design just for you. Maximum size for steel drum medium is 72 x 34, but sheet metal can me used to fabricate larger items. Three-dimensional items also available, ie pillars, pedestals, table bases, planter covers, garden screens. Click here to see examples of work.

Lin McIntosh Studios -- Welded sculpture out of steel.


6, 8, or 10 ft. Towers   

2009 Morton Arb (raccoon frame)   2009 Morton Arb (frame) 


Lin McIntosh Studios, in collaboration with Bim Willow:

2009 Morton Arb, Lisle, IL (collaboration with Bim Willow)


  2012 Michigan State University Horticultural Gardens -- Dragon re-model and extention. to 40 ft..