Wall Art & Decor

  Wall Tiles      6"x6" each; hang from saw tooth hanger and protective pads to keep tiles straight on the wall.

TLSP-66  Spring               TLSU-66   Summer 

TLWT-66  Winter          TLFL-66 Fall                       

TLDW-66 Deep Woods       TLJP-66 Jack Pine   

TLST-66  Spruce Tree          TLBT-66 Birch Tree

TLA-66 Aqua                        TLF-66 Flora

TLL-66 Luna                        TLT-66 Flora


Wall Sculptures  Gently curved rods with 3D leaves, held 1" away from the wall by rounded steel frame.  Natural rust finish for indoors or out..     6"x34". 

Hang horizontally or vertically.   Choose Interior finishes:  Darkened Gray Steel  -- or -- Waxed Natural Rust (special request).

Dk. Gray Steel  WSB-01  Natural Rust  WSB-02

Twig      Bamboo


Dk. Gray Steel WST-01 

Wall Panels    Beautiful new wall sculpture, this flat gridwork forms a frame around a three dimensional steel flower. Frame is brightly ground steel while the flower and stems have a darken finish. Entire sculpture is hung 1.25" away from the wall with a simple mounting bracket at the back. Approx. 18" x 30"

Koi Wall Sculpture is 9" x 30"; darkened blue/grey background with two brightly sanded Koi.


WFP-830  Poppy              WFL-830  Lily        

 WFH-830 Hibiscus      WFI-830 Iris         

WSK-730  Koi (silver or black fish)                    BRD-301 Bird Frame (12"x26")

BRD-101 Bird on Swing                BRD-02 Bird on Ring

Mirrors     Glass accents brighten the clean lines of this popular mirror frame. The piece hangs easily from a single mounting hole in the back. As with all our mirrors, the actual glass mirror is shipped separately from the steel frame to reduce breakage in shipping. Assembly is easy with the metal spring clips included. Actual glass colors may vary from arrangement shown.

MTR-112  12"x13" Tree             MTR-523  15"x24" Tree           

MEV-523   15"x24" Evergreen                 MSL-523 Sail Mirror 20" x 26"         



Twig Mirror:  MTW-115  12"x22" (vertically)                        MTW-523   19"x30" (vertically or horizontally)

MCN-115   10"x15" Art Nouveau    

Leaf Shapes  -- approximately 20" ht.

LFS-01 Fern    LFS-01 Aspen    LFR-03 Oak

LFS-05 Maple         LFS-07 Gingko         LFS-08 Beech

Botanical Wall Sculpture -- A 1" irregulary bent steel frame surrounds a darkened, 3D botanical form. Approximately 11" x 30".

WSBT-01    WSBT-02         WSBT-03     WSBT-04

Cuckoo Bird Wall Sculpture -- This light-hearted wall sculpture measures approximately 9" x 30" to outermost points. The piece has a darkened steel finish with silver highlighted accents and hangs away from the wall with 1 1/4" spacers.