Hanging, Ornaments & Seasonal


Glass gems are available in choice  of:                      CB Cobalt Blue                                                          AM Light Amber                                                          LB Light Blue                                                                 CL Clear                                                                      DG Dark Green                                                                RD Red                                                                        LG Light Green                                                           BG Blue/Green                                                            PU Purple. 

If not colors are specified, an assortment will be sent.

SRJ-45 Star Lg. w/glass

SR-34 Star-Small

 ICE-07  7" Icicle Ornament

SSORN-01  Assorted

Rustic Ring  Ornaments


5" Ht. Reindeer and Moose       5" Buffalo



ANF-06 Angel, Sm Flying               ANF-06 Angel Sm. Standing (shown)    ANF-08 Angel, Lg. Flying (shown)  ANF-08 Angel, Lg. Standing