Lin McIntosh Studios Trellises

Your choice of colors from a prescribed list.  Each piece is primed, painted with 2-3 coats of paint, and then clear coated.  Whatever is left in the paint can is included for touch ups. 

Flat Trellises

Bottom frames extend ~6" into ground, with 5-6" stabalizers extending off back.

Moroccan Henna (brilliant blue, grape)    Moroccan Henna w/Flowers (sun yellow)  Forever in Bloom (Zinc)

Springs (apple red)                                                            Botanica (lime, rust)


Then one day I said, 'Do trellises HAVE to be flat?  I think not!' 

And so the 'Dancing Trellises' arrived. They can be placed as a focal point -- or in groups to look like people dancing.  Each one a one-of-a-kind depending on how the steel bends. 

'Forever in Bloom' was developed so that the flowers stick out away from the frame and stems.  The idea is that when your vine stops blooming, it will appear to be still in bloom via the flowers peaking through.

Botanica        Moroccan  Forever in Bloom

~7.5' in height above ground and stakes into the ground about 8". Includes stablizers. 

Botanica    Moroccan 

~6' height above ground, staking into the ground about 8"