Lin McIntosh Studios Birds

Scrap Birds

I started making birds out of scraps of steel drums because many of them held oil which has compromised the habitats of birds -- and yet since the steel drums are now being replaced with plastic drums, the steel drums are becoming endangered.

What you see are the exact scraps from steel drums as I pick them up from the floor of my studio after making other items. I donít cut them to fit -- I piece them together like a puzzle, then clear coat them so they wonít rust as fast outside.


Scrap Birds on a 18-22" stake, for garden or pot.



Bird Leg Pot Holders






Re-bar legs and feet in natural rust -- pot not included -- sizes noted show approximate interior diameter of circle opening:

12" pot x 16" ht. -- 10" pot x 21" ht. --  8"  pot x 23" ht.