Lin McIntosh Studios Arbors

Your choice of colors from a prescribed list.  Each piece is primed, painted with 2-3 coats of paint, and then clear coated -- or zinc coated.  Whatever is left in the paint can is included for touch ups.  May choose 'color blocking' with 2 colors for no additional cost.  May choose natural rust.

Botanica (lime)  Botanica - Custom 10' tall x 6 ft. opening (gloss white)

First reaction from most people is that it looks like a portal to another place...Each one is a one of a kind, depending on how the steel bends and the top welds together. Re-bar, rod, and recyled steel drum construction.

90" overall height (7.5' above ground); installs with ~8" legs into the ground. Width is 41" at base, but spans 52" wide approximately with the curves.  Three pieces that will fit from back to front of a small SUV. Currently available in midwest only, delivered on my truck -- or customer may pick up at studio. 

Moroccan (apple red)  Moroccan (lime) Forever in Bloom (zinc)

Forever in Bloom II (apple red)