Haw Creek Forge Butterflies, Bugs, & Dragonflies

Praying Mantis:

Praying Mantis        

(SPM) Small 8.5" tall with 18" stake (min. 3)   (LPM) Large 15" tall with 36" stake.                   Can sit gracefully on a table without stake.

Wedding Piece (WDP)   7" tall and 5" wide. with 36" stake.

Honeymoon Piece (HMP)    

Praying Mantis on Leaf  (SPML)   Patina finish. Stands on a 36" garden stake.  7" tall by 5" size.


Lg.   Sm.

Sm. (SDF) Small 5.5" (min 3)  on stake                               Lg.  (LDF) 10" wingspan on 36" stake or to hang on wall.

 Dancing Dragonfly  

Small Dancing Dragonfly                           (SDDF) 5" wingspan on 18" rod.                                Minimum 6.
"The cesspool of SIN".  Appears to be a happy couple, but the relationship has been consummated, and the Mrs. has taken care of her mate as the female praying mantis will do. A great conversation starter, it makes for many a great laugh. 7" tall and 5" wide displayed on a 36" garden stake. 


Lg. Butterfly 

Butterfly (MBF)                                                Available in: Blue, Copper, Orange, Patina, Red, Yellow, Pink.                                                             

Medium 9" wingspan                                          Available on a garden stake or to hang on wall.

Small Butterfly (SBF) on 18" stake in copper only, OR, Ornament (SBO ).  Minimum 6. 

Butterfly Mobile (BF-MOB)        5 Butterflies on 10" high by 5" wide copper mobile.

(SB-ORN) Available in red, orange, copper, pink, or blue (not pictured), on stake.  4.5" x 4"   Minimum 6.


Spider  (SPDR)         

Lady Bug (LB)       

Hand dotted, painted and finished with a clear coat. 3" wide body on a 36" stake.Minimum 3.
Lady Bug Mini (LB-M) Minimum of 6.

Bee (BEE)                   On a 36" stake, but will stand without.   8" wingspan and 6" long.

Patina finish. Hangs on a 7" copper coil on a 36" tall garden stake so it dangles in the wind. 8" long x 5".                                        Hanging Spider (pictured) suspends from a 12" copper wire coil.


The graceful movement of the Dancing Dragonfly on a 36" garden stake is accentuated by its' simple elegance. 10" wingspan.                                                               (DDF) Minimum 3.