Haw Creek Forge Birds

Hummingbird Ornament  (HB-ORN)  or Hummingbird Stake (HB-M)           

4.5" x 3.5" wingspan, hangs from loop shown on top as ornament, or comes with an 18" brass stake.  Minimum 6.

Hummingbird (HB)                    6" wingspan, on a 36" stake.  Minimum 3.              

Hummingbird Feeder (HBF)                                14.5"x8" with glass tube and ball-bearing stopper.

Rooster  (LROO)                                                      14" tall, and free standing.

Owl (OWL)                                                       7" tall, 10" wide on a 36".  On a 36" garden stake OR hanging.

Hoot Owl on Log                                      8" tall, sitting on 3.5" wide log.  One lb. of hand hammer copper.                              

Bird on a Branch  (BOB)                7" Carolina Wren on a branch. Rests on a 36" stake.

Bird on Nest (BON)                                                    7" Carolina Wren watches over a 1"x4" nest, on a 36" garden stake. 

handmade, one of a kind, crow,raven, murder of crows, Asheville, NC mountainsCrow(CRW)                               Crow is 6" h, x 4" x 1"

Birds in Tree (BIT)

(BIT)  Pictured are 2 Single wall hanging pieces.

Each piece has 2 branches with 6 leaves with a patina finish and 1 bird in red or blue. 16" high x 10" wide.                                                                         

Birds in a Tree Double (BIT-D)           Wall sculpture 19" ht. x  18" wide.  Red or Blue Birds.

Birds, wren, Carolina wren, made in North Carolina, copper birdsStanding Bird                     6" tall x 2.5" wide, x 5" depth. Color choice:  Red, Blue, Copper, or Orange.

Birdfeeder Flower (BFF)