Haw Creek Forge Branches & Flowers & Other Things

Gingko Polished   Gingko Patina  (GB SM)

large ginkgo, ginkgo leaves, yellow leaves, maidenhair fernGingko Branch Large (GB LG)

Sunflower   (SUN)                      Sunflower is 15" wide with an 6" bloom, on a 36" stake.

(GB)  Ginkgo branches in  choice of polished copper or patina. Small 14" high, 12" wide.    Large 24" x 23" with approxinately 30 leaves.

Dogwood Branch  (DGW3)     Wall hanging with 3 Dogwood Blooms & leaves in a patina finish. 15" high, 14" wide.

Dogwood Branch (DGW1) Wall Hanging with 1 Dogwood Bloom  & leaves in a patina finish.