Haw Creek Forge Critters


Fish (FISH)     With 36" copper coated steel stake, but sits on a table as well.  11" long, 5" high, 3" deep.       


Choose: Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow outlined in black.  5" ht x 11", with 36" stake OR can rest on a table.  


Sm. Frog on Lily Pad (SFLP)              6" x 4" x 5" overall. Patina finish lily pad on a 36" stake; Minimum 3.

Med.Frog on a Lily Pad (MFLP)      8.5" Lily Pad on 36" stake

Med. Leaping Frog (MLF)      4" wide body and rests on a 36" stake, but will sit without stake.

Sm. Leaping Frog (SLF)    2.5" wide body ib a 36" stake, but will sit without stake.  Minimum 3.


(LSNL)whimsical garden art, frogs, lily pad, Uncommon Goods, metal art(SSNL) Snail     Patina finish; Small 9" high (minimum 3).  Large 17" high, each on a 36"stake


OpenSleeping   (BAT)      Comes with an S hook. 8.5" wingspan.

Squiggly Things:

Snake   (LSNK)                                        22" long with Patina finish


Copper Spaniel   (DOG)

Dog-10 tall,  14.5 tip of tail to the nose, 3.5 wide. All copper with patina from heat and a clear coat.

Copper Calico Cat  (CAT)

Cat- 8 tall, 5.5 long, 2.25 wide.  All copper with a heat patina and clear coat.