Powder Coated Chimes

Audio may be heard by clicking on the linked (underlined) chime description.  Sizes are the same as

Small Powder Coated Chimes are also available in 2 different chords; using 1/2" tubes, and extend to a full 36" length. 

Himalayan Echo B min 5/6/9 

3SBL :: Small Himalayan Echo Blue Wind Chimes - Click Image to Close3SBL Blue    3SR :: Small Himalayan Echo Red Wind Chimes - Click Image to Close3SR Red    3SG :: Small Himalayan Echo Green Wind Chimes - Click Image to Close3SG Green    3SY :: Small Himalayan Echo Yellow Wind Chimes - Click Image to Close3SY Yellow

Earthsong  E minor 7/11

Small Earthsong Piano Chimes - Click Image to Close1SP (Piano   1SPAT :: Small Earthsong Patriot Wind Chime - Click Image to Close1SPAT (Patriot)

Chakra Powder Coated Chimes are multi-colored as shown. Click on the size to listen to audio of each.    

SMCHA :: Small Chakra Wind Chimes - Click Image to CloseSMCHA Small   SMCHA :: Small Chakra Wind Chimes - Click Image to CloseMCHA Medium  CHAF :: Medium Chakra Frame Kit - Click Image to CloseCHAKIT Medium Frame 

What Are Chakras?

The human body has energy centers with different rates of vibration or sound. These energy centers are called chakras. These energy centers are not in the human body. Rather they are in what is called the subtle or astral body- the aspect of us that experiences astral travel, out of body experiences, and lucid dreams. The subtle or astral body is an energetic form of the physical body.

There are several chakras in the subtle body, but there are 7 main charkas. Their location corresponds to the human spine starting at the base of the spine and running to the crown of the head. Each of the 7 main chakras correspond to the seven notes on a musical scale (CDEFGAB). And each chakra also has a corresponding color (seven colors of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Colors, like sound/vibration, can have an impact on our body's energies. They can help to clear negative emotions and energy and restore balance.