Garden Works Tools  -- all blades are stainless steel.       Click thumbnail to enlarge picture.

Stainless steel blade, comfort grip.

wpe5D.jpg (4096 bytes)SSC-01150 Classic Scoop

Made of 18 gauge stainless steel and held into a birch handle with industrial epoxy.   Called one of the "50 Favorite Gardening Products" by Organic Gardening.   Made in USA.  Sold in case of 6.

wpe6.jpg (10177 bytes)SS-1150   Soil Scoop w/comfort grip

Ergonomically designed handle made of recycled materials; 18 gauge stainles steel blade.  Available in Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, and Lavender.     Made in USA -- and 50%+ from recycled materials.  Sold in Case of 6/may mix colors.

wpe5B.jpg (4185 bytes)PS-01050  Classic Potting Scoop   

20% smaller than the Soil Scoop, the Potting Scoop fits smaller hands, is lightweight and still very strong. Birch handle only.  Made in USA.       Sold in case of 6.

wpe51.jpg (3715 bytes)AWC-01150  Classic Angle Weeder 

Curved, serrated blade with forked tip is ideal for popping out tap roots and weeding in crevices.  Made of 16 gauge stainless steel and held into a birch handle with industrial epoxy. Made in USA.  Sold case:   6 (right handed) OR 6 (left handed).

wpe53.jpg (3654 bytes)AW-01150   Angle Weederw/comfort grip

Ergonomically designed handle of recycled materials, available in red or yellow.  Made in USA -- and 50%+ from recycled materials.    Sold case:  6 (right handed) OR 6 (left handed) per color.

wpe55.jpg (3942 bytes)CW-01350  Culti-Weeder

The split tip with serrated sides for snagging weeds in and around plants. Blade is ladled for lifting dirt out of treaches and holes. Rust free stainless steel, molded ergonomic handle of recycled materials in Blue -- 12"long.  Made in USA -- and 50%+ from recycled materials.  Sold in Case of 6.

wpe59.jpg (5157 bytes)TT-01300 Tiger Trowel

KH-0090  Classic Ken-Ho


The 16 gauge stainless steel blade with serrated edges is set at a 20 degree angle  into an ergonomic, cushioned grip handle of recycled materials. Orange handle with matching orange carrying sheath.  Made in USA -- and 50%+ from recycled materials. Sold in Case of 6.

 RW-01600  Reach Weeder

RNH-01100 Rake 'N' Hoe

Stainless Steel Blade with wood handle.  13.5"x5"x3" overall. Sold in Case of 6.
Stainless steel blade, comfortable wood grip.  Comes with plastic sheath to protect blade.  Sold in Case of 6.
Aluminum handle telescopes from 43" - 67.5".  Comfortable foam grip; 3-way head -- picks, grabs, and slices.  Made in USA.  Sold in case of 6.

American Classic Heirloom Collection Tools -- made in USA.  Premium Stainless Steel blade; ash handle.  (6/tool/case)


            HTCSH-01150 Claw Cultivator

Hand Tools (Each sold in case of 6). 

                                         High carbon steel blades, right hand only. 2" w x 8.5"

GHP-01147    5 Pc. Multi-Tool Pruner


SSHP-01250       14 Pc. Multi-Tool Pruner

High carbon steel blades, quick release lock, deep sap grooves for longer pruning.  Ergonomic handles. Replaceable blades. Cuts up to 5/8".

Features pruner with safety lock, saw, file, soil fork, and sharp knife.  Made from stainless steel. Folds compactly into belt-looped nylon pouch. Sold in case of 6.
Features pruner with safety lock, saw, file, soil fork, med. flat-head AND Philips head screwdrivers, bottle opener, ruler, can opener, 3-position wrench, hole punch,  and sharp knife.  Made from stainless steel. Folds compactly into belt-looped nylon pouch. Sold in case of 6.

Ironwood Tools     (LIFETIME WARRANTY on all Ironwood Tools)

IW-1470-00600                           The Hand Rakes - minimum case of 12 sets.

IW-5210-01800                                       210 MM Folding Saw - Minimum case of 10.

IW-1549-01150     Adjust-O-Rake - Minimum order 12.

IW1500-01400 Long Needle Nose Secateurs

IIW1411-01350 7" Quick Release Bypass Pruner

IW-1405-01600  Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner

IW-1408-01300    8 Inch Quick Release Bypasss Pruner

IW-1400  6 Inch Needle Nose Secateur

IW-1410  32 Inch Hedge Shears

IW-1425  Telescoping Ratchet Lopper

IW-1421  Ratchet Lopper


IW1433-01250 11.75" Sheep Shears


IW1490-01250  10" Diamond Tool Sharpener

GPK-00900  Garden & Pruning Knife    Surgical stainless steel blade, heat treated and corrosion resistant.

DP-01100 Digger Plus     5in1 tool: Trowel, Weeding Fork, Serrated Root Cutter, Twine Cutter, Dandelion Digger, stainless steel blade.

Slip resistant comfort grip. Flat side:600 grit for maintenance/sharpening. Round side: 400 grit coarse for reworking edge. Sold case of 6.

Rachet design cuts up to 1.5". Weighs only 2 lbs.  Special comfort grip.  Sold case of 6.
Ratchet design cuts up to 2.5". Replacement handles available.  Telescopes from 21-34". Sold Case of 6.
Designed for trimming large scale topiary and hedges. Super lightweight aluminum handles to reduce fatigue. Sold Case of 10.

Hardened and tempered high carbon steel blades replacable -- minimum 3 sets.

Non stick coating for clean, fast trimming. Steel with hard chrome finish. Ergonomic grips.  Sold Case of 10.
Squeeze to release lock. Lighweight aluminum handles with ergonomic grips. Hardened and tempered high carbon steel blade and hook (replaceable) have 3/4"cut capacity. Sold case of 10.

IW1408R-00400 replacement blade. Min. 5.

Cuts up to 1". Ergonomic design with non-slip grips.  Multiples hand strength by 7x.  Sold case of 10.

IW 1405R-00400 replacement blade. Minimum order 5.

Ergonomic grips on lightweight aluminum handles. Stainless steel blade. To unlock, squeeze handles to activate Quick Release lock. Sold case of 6.
Comes with leather holster. Non-stick coating for smooth cuts. Stainless steel handle, with self-sharpening high carbon steel blades.  Great for topiaroes/ Sold case of 6.