Garden Works Gloves  Click thumbnail to enlarge picture. 

24 Minimum Order of Assorted Gloves -- 6 per style per color. Quantity discounts for entire order: 36-66 pairs  = 10%, 72-102 pairs = 15%, 108 or more pairs = 20% off.  

2 sizes available in green:  S/M or L/XL.  Excellent slip resistance and amazing seamless comfort  Eco-friendly, and lightweight. Machine Washable.   Custom embroidery available.          6 pr./size/color

Komfy Grips

Sun Grips

S, M, L, XL  Brown with black palms.   13 gauge lycra/cotton glove with textured foam latex palm for increased dexterity.  Ergonomic and durable. 6 pr./size

Tool Grip

XS(Green only), S-M-L-XL   Blue, Green, Brown  (Some stock left Burgundy S, L). Elasticized cotton liner and textured latex coating creates a breathable, sure grip glove with terrific dexterity. Machine Washable.  Custom embroidery available.          6 pr./color/size



Pro Grips

Wonder Gloves

S-M-L-XL  Lime Green.    A nylon inner glove, double sewn fingertips, 3/4 coated with nitrile.    6 pr./size

S-M-L            Blue, Purple, Pink, Green  (XL green or blue only .  A nylon inner glove coated with nitrile; double sewn fingertips, lighter weight than Tool Grip. MachineWashable.  6pr./color/size/color
S, M,L, XL Green   Polyurethane coating on palms and fingertips; double sewn fingertips.  Protective, but lightweight for hot weather.   Machine Washable.                        6 pr./size/color/size
S-M-L-XL                Lime Green or Terra Cotta                 

Machine washable, line dry; seamless cotton liner with  latex free vinyl outer coating.    Protects from chemicals and poison oak & ivy. Won't crack.      6pr./size/color

Aqua Hands    

S-M-L     Terra Cotta Only      The thermal sealed reinforced 24"sleeve; 100% cotton liner.   6 pr./size

Botanical Collection

Bamboo Fit


S-M-L        Synthetic Palm with grips; velcro enclosure. Sold in case of 6/size.



S-M-L  Cow-Leather Palm ; adjustable velcro wrist  enclosure. Sold in case of 6 per size.


 Smart Grip

Comfort Pro  

New Deluxe Rose Pro''sDeluxe Rose Pros

Leather Pros


S-M-L-XL  100% cow grain leather.  Custom embroidery available. Sold in case of 6/size.
S-M-L     Synthetic Palm with grips; velcro enclosure. Sold in case of 6/size.
S-M-L-XL  Goat-leather Palm; adjustable velcro wrist enclosure enclosure. Sold in case of 6/size.

S, M, L       Blue, Purple,  or Green.    XL Blue & Green only.                          100% Bamboo fiber with seamless liner; foam latex palm.  Natural materials keep hands cooler and drier, with minimal impact on the environment.  Sold in Case of 6/size/color

One size fits all. Reinforced fingertips; Nitrile coating with Spandex liner.  Funtasia with new polymer polyurethane glove technology.  Latex Free. Choose from Floral Infusion, Funtasia.        6 pr./design

S-M-L-XL  Carbon fiber tips allows you to use a smart phone or touch screen without removing gloves.  Nylon shell.  Latex Free.  Sold in case of 6/size.
S-M-L-XL  Washable synthetic leather.  Padded knuckles, padded palms and reinforced fingertips.  Custom embroidery available.   Sold in case of 6/size.
S-M-L-XL   100% cow grain green leather gauntlet with 100% tan pigskin palms for increased dextrity and abrasion resistance.   Custom embroidery available.  Sold in case of 6/size.

Kitchen Gloves


Blade Block Kitchen Gloves




One size fits most.  A knit glove that resists knife cuts.  Available in Orange or Blue. Custom embroidery available. Sold in case of 6/color.

True Blues


S-M-L Green, Blue, or Red       XL in Green or Blue    Vinyl shell (latex free) with 100% seamless cotton liner.  Machine washable. Sold in case of 6/size/color.