Garden Works Displays          Click thumbnail to enlarge picture.

You may purchase the displays below separately, but many are FREE or DISCOUNTED with purchase of stock.

6 Peg Triangle Spinner         FREE with an order of 96+ pair of Gloves. 

Tufftote Display                           

27 Tufftote Display Package  TT27 Display-29000        1/2 off Display with purchase of 27 TuffTotes, any size or color. 

54 Tufftote Display Package.  TT54Display-45000      FREE Display with order of 54 units.

38"x84". Holds u pto 54 units.

Presto Bucket Display       

Watering Can Display  

42 Watering Can Display Package   WCRACKP           1/2 off Display, with purchase of 42 watering cans.  Display holds 45 water cans.


26 Presto Bucket Display Package    PBDisplay-25000  Order 2 each of color 2.9 gal. solid buckets (18), plus 2 black & white, 2 Camo, 2 small Pet Bowls, and 2 reg. Pet bowls --and get display at 1/2 off.    Holds up to 48 units.  18"x84".