Garden Deva

Small Stuff






CH-G Girl Card Holder   CH-B Boy Card Holder
Little people that hold your business cards, photos or bills. Available in boy or girl 8" Tall.



Magnets -  3" Aluminum;   Sold individually. Butterfly, Cat,  House, Pooch, Dove, Flower, Girl with Heart, Hand, Heart, Moon, Star, Together,Horse, Bicycle, Goddess, Peace Sign


PF-CA Cat Photo Frame             PF-PO Pooch Photo Frame          PF-TO Together Photo Frame        PF-TH  Together with House

Holds your photographs with metal brackets in the back. A very cool way to display your pictures!
11"x 11", except PF-TH (8"x6")

MH-G Girl Memo Holder     MH-B Boy Memo Holder
Originally made to hold cards at Christmas time, but they make great ways to display a note to your house mates or photos of your loved ones.  6" Tall