Garden Deva Holiday

Available in 6", 12", 18" or 24" unless noted otherwise.


           Elf                                  Angel                             Snowman                   Temple Joy Tree


Reindog  (6" or 12")         Reincat  (6" or 12")               Believe Tree                 Temple Love Tree


    Stubby Star                      Peace Tree                  Pagoda  Tree               Dr. Suess Tree


   Good O' Pine                      Blue Spruce                  Starry Night               Whirly Tree


      5 Star Tree                     Joy Tree #1                   Love Tree               Dreidel (6" or 12")


                Reindeer (24"x23"x3")                Elk Majestic (12",18",or 24")   Menorah Stake  (6" on 24" pole of 12" on 24" pole)           



3-D Tree   (18" only)                           3-D Angel  (24" or 36" only)               3-D Snowman (18" or 24" only)
Three options on top for tree top:      
JOY  --  LOVE  --  NOEL

Santa Sleigh w/4 Reindogs (26"x6"x4")    Sleigh only


14" Ornaments  Hand beaded with glass beds and vintage crystals. Sold individually.


Small Ornaments   5"-6"' aluminum

Angel Bell     Dove     Snowman

Star   Tree    ReinCatElf

Boy             Cross        Oil Rig 

Girl                Joy Tree

PeaceSign  ReinDog StubbyTree