Garden Deva Kids

Standing sculptures are available in 1 ft., 2 ft., or 3 ft.  heights (except where noted). 

Each is welded onto a 1/4" steel base and, finished with a clear coat, but intended to develop a natural rust finish outside.   Any of the human figures can be made into an end table for additional cost.


SF-BH Big Heart Girl                     SF-WG  Welcome Girl             SF-JE  Jester                        SF-HS Head in Stars


    SF-GU Queen                            SF-WD  Water Deva                  SF-WC Water Can Girl            SF-FH Follow Love


SF-BH Bird in Hand            SF-FR Friends (22" only)      SF-NB Nudie with the Boodie     SF-SI (22") Sisters or SF-BR Brothers   



SF-TO  Together                      SF-HS Heart & Soul                  SF-FC  Flower Child                SF-LL  Lounging Lolita (2'or3' 'only)    



SF-LI Life is Good                    SF-DR Dreams Come True               SF-BO Boy with Stars              SF-FH FollowYour Heart

SF-BC Boy with Crown

Follow Love
This girl has a heart in her hand and love in her heart