Twigloo Interactive



            Everyone needs a home.  When we look at the homes animals make for themselves, just how different are they from our homes?  What did our ancestors live in?  What did indigenous tribes live in?

            The shelter class is one-day (4-6 hours), and includes a short talk throughout the day about shelters and habitats.  The purpose of this class is to help children understand and notice animalsí shelters, and to give an historical overview on the development of human home-building as it relates to animalís homes.

            The hands-on portion of the class is structured so that children and adults can join in at any time during the day.  It involves weaving twigs, grass, mud, or  bark, etc. onto an igloo- or dome-shaped structure, similar to an Apache or Chippewa hut, or wigwam.  The base structure will be erected prior to class.

             No limit on participants and no age restrictions.