Conversation with Bim

Bim Willow inside his Willow Tree House (2014)


Bim shares the philosophy he has learned from the willow -- flexibility, the art of imperfection, contentedness, and the ability to see something of value in what is overlooked by others.

Bim will build either an historial Bent Willow Chair or a Free-form Sassy Chair -- to be chosen in advance by the host.  As he demonstrates, he will explain the history of this furniture, interspersing his talk with interesting and humorous stories about this craft and its craftsmen, while answering any questions from the audience.

A prolific writer during his spare time, Bim has authored five books about rustic furniture, as well as a number of children's books, and a recently published poetry book, The Way of the Willow.

He will finish this 2 hour conversation spinning yards about his life's journey and signing books.  The completed furniture will be donated to the host to sell or auction off.  Total cost is $500; designed to be an 'adventure' before a class.