Bench in a Box Class

  Bim Willow's Original Bench in a Box   a/k/a Bench Bonding



This class is meant to be marketed as a parent/child (age 6+) project to build together, however there are plenty of adults who will love the simplicity of this class as well!
Each student is provided (1) 36"x12"x6" boxed kit.  Inside this box are 4 legs, screws, and instructions.

 The box will become the seat of the bench, and the lid, the back of the seat.electric and manual screwdrivers will be available for use. 

Bim will bring willow and branches so that students can decorate their bench to make it unique.

Total project time: 1-1/2 to 2 hours.



Each student is required to bring a hammer and pair of pruners.  Children limited to age 6+.



Minimum for the class is $1000 per day.  Please note that the Anything Class may be included at a different time during this day for a combined minimum of $1000.