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 Ladderback 2 1/2-3 hrs.  Bench 2-3 hrs.  


Chair 3-1/2 hrs.               Loveseat 4 1/2-5 hrs.        Rocker 4 1/2-5 hrs.

 End Table 1 1/2-2 hrs.     Plant Stand 1 1/2-2 hrs  

1 Trellis + 1 Tipod Trellis  1 1/2-2 hrs for both

3 pc.Garden Arbor 3-3 1/2 hrs.                       Free From Sassy Chair 3 -3 1/2  hrs.

2-Shelf  4hrs.   Potting Bench/Baker's Rack,  OR 1-Shelf  3 hrs.                                                                            


Anything Class.  In this class, students are taught to make a project(s) of their choice -- not limited to the selections below -- but these are the most popular in past classes.  The price for each project varies, depending on the complexity of the piece.  Materials will be supplied, but students must choose their project(s) in advance.  Class size requires a minimum of $1000 worth of projects.  Times for various projects range from 1 1/2 hours to 5 hours; estimates below are based on NO prior building experience.     Adult students only.