Dinosaurs    Click thumbnail pictures to enlarge.

Designs printed on front only.  

T = Adult T-Shirts   N = Scoop Neck T-Shirt   K = Youth  B = Tote Bags  C= Adult Caps

T-Rex Skeleton Adult T-shirtT-Rex Skeleton WC240 T, K  WC240 M

T-Rex Babies Youth T-shirtT-Rex Babies  WC243 K Science is Awesome WC267 T,K

 Dino Glow (Glows in the Dark) WC307 K Dino Trax Youth T-shirtDino Trax WC357 K          

 Dino Trouble  WC466 K                        Dinosaur Glitter Yo TDino Glitter  WC486 K (sparkle ink)

Dinosaur Rumble  WC558 K   WC558M

Dino Girl  WC566               Rex Rush Adult T-shirtRex Rush  WC576 T, K

Dino Boy Youth T-shirtDino Boy  WC592 K            T-Rex Glow Youth T-shirt - FrontDino Glo  WCC603 T, K

Mosasaur Adult T-shirt - FrontMosasaur  WC655  T, K     Mosasaur Ceramic Mug - Front(f)Mosasaur Ceramic Mug - Back(b) WC655M

Dinosaur Kingdom Adult T-shirt - FrontDinosaur Kingdom WC660 T,KImagine T-Rex Adult T-shirt - FrontImagine T-Rex WC668 T, K

Columbian Mammoth Adult T-shirt - FrontColumbian Mammouth W682 T

Designs printed on front and back:      (design is the same on front and back if only one picture is shown)

T = T-Shirts  N = Scoop Neck T-Shirt   K = Youth B = Tote Bags

(f) (b) Bones WC109 T,K     Bones Ceramic Mug - Front(f)Bones Ceramic Mug - Back(b) WC109M       

(f)(b) Glow Bones  (Glows in Dark) WC356 KWC356M

Dino Heads & Tails Youth T-shirt - Front(f) Dino Heads & Tails Youth T-shirt - Back(b) Heads & Tails Dinos WC430 K

Dinosaur Heads & Tails Ceramic Mug - Front(f)Dinosaur Heads & Tails Ceramic Mug - Back(b) WC430M   WC253M  

Think Big Youth T-shirt - FrontThink Big WC620 K                                 Electric Dinos Youth T-shirt - FrontElectric Dinos WC623 K

 Dino Anatomy Adult T-shirt - FrontDino Anatomy WC639 T, K             Dino King Adult T-shirt - FrontKing Dino WC645 T, K

Discharge T-Rex Adult Comfort Colors T-shirt - FrontDischarge T-Rex WC6554 T

Ultimate Dinosaur Guide Adult T-shirtUltimate Dinosaur Guide WC699 T, KDino Bite Me Adult T-shirtDino Bite Me WC701 T, K