Crosswalks Table Top Crate


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All Crosswalks signs are 12" x 12" Caution Yellow aluminum with rounded corners and a hole drilled on the top point.

Minimum order is 4 per design. 

Spinning Rack available (X000), holding quantities of 12 designs; FREE with order of $500. Crate Display available (X001, for purchase $30, or available FREE with order of $250.



Turtle Crossing - FrontX07    Gator Crossing - FrontX08   Manatee Crossing - FrontX10  Rattlesnake Dead End - FrontX12   

X18  X21  X22    X25   

Wolf Crossing - FrontX28   Bear Dead End - FrontX29  X33    X40   

X43    X44   X47    X55   

X72    X74   X89    Dog Crossing - FrontX90

X103 X104 X108 X117 

X123 X127  X132   X133

  X141Surfer Crossing - FrontX142 X143  X148 

X171  X181   X193 X195  

 X197   X207  X210  X215   

X218  X232    X234-Wine-CountryX235   Big Foot CrossingX237   

X244  X247    X252   X253  

X255  No Swimming Shark SignX262    Black Hole No Exit SignX265   Children At Play SignX267   

Critter Crossing Aluminum SignX268  Heavy Traffic Crossing SignX274     Dino Wild Thing Crossing SignX276   Penguin Crossing SignX278   

Deer Crossing SignX280    Moose Crossing SignX281    Tortoise Crossing SignX285   Birder Crossing SignX287    

Dinosaur Crossing SignX289    Tiger CrossingX296    Pig CrossingX301   Otter Crossing SignX302  

 Butterfly Crossing SignX303    Western Hummers Crossing SignX305   T-Rex Crossing Sign - FrontX310    Cat Silhouette Crossing SignX311

Dog Silhouette Crossing SignX312    Squirrel Crossing Sign - FrontX315    Songbird Crossing Sign - FrontX320    Do Not Feed the Dino Sign - FrontX323

Triceratops Crossing Sign - FrontX324    Do Not Disturb the Bear Sign - FrontX325    Do Not Feed the Alligator Sign - FrontX327    Nut Case Sign - FrontX329

Mermaid Crossing Sign - FrontX330    Bobcat Crossing Sign - FrontX331    Red Fox Crossing Sign - FrontX332    Cow Crossing SignX337

Cowboy Crossing SignX338    Cowgirl Crossing SignX339    Gnome Crossing SignX341    Panther Crossing Sign - FrontX344

Shark Crossing Sign - FrontX346    Bison Crossing Sign - FrontX349    Elk Crossing Sign - FrontX350    Horse Silhouette Crossing SignX351

Camper Crossing Sign - FrontX352    Eagle Crossing - FrontX353    Dig Site SignX354    Quarantine Crossing SignX360

Aurora Borealis Crossing Sign - FrontX364    Alligator Dead End Sign - FrontX365    Pelican Crossing Sign - FrontX367    Beware of Dog SignX368

Duck Silhouette CrossingX370    Moose Silhouette Crossing SignX372    Dolphin Crossing Sign - FrontX374    Coyote Silhouette CrossingX375

Deer Silhouette CrossingX376    Watch for Motorcycles SignX378    Whale Watcher Sign - FrontX379    Sasquatch Shilouette CrossingX384

Bicycle Silhouette Crossing Sign - FrontX385    Frog Crossing Sign - FrontX386    Back Off Rattler SignX389    Raven Lunatic SignX398

Panther Silhouette Crossing SignX399    Airboat Crossing SignX400    Stingray Shuffle SignX401    Termite Demolition Area SignX403

Dinosaur Silhouette CrossingX404    Dragonfly Crossing SignX405    Hawk Crossing SignX406    Shark Dead End SignX407

Railroad Crossing SignX408    Pig Silhouette Crossing Sign     X409    Gator Silhouette Crossing SignX410    Golf Cart CrossingX411

Turkey Crossing SignX412    This Place Is A Zoo SignX413    Bat Silhouette Crossing SignX414    Railroad (Train) Crossing SignX416

Beware of Ticks SignX417

Warning Signs are 10 inches by 15 inches.

WS002    WS003    WS009       WS034     WS036   

WS038     WS039   WS040      WS045   Bear Parking Sign - FrontWS046

Alien Visitor Center Sign - FrontWS051     Dinosaur Sanctuary Warning Sign - FrontWS055    Radiation Warning Sign - FrontWS056    Center of the Universe Sign - FrontWS066    Wine Eye Chart Sign - FrontWS071

Lights Out for Turtles Warning Sign - FrontWS072     Planets Chart  - FrontWS075    Vulture Watch Warning Sign - FrontWS076    Vintage Fresh Eggs Sign - FrontWS077    Dino Weight Limit SignWS078

Speed of Light SignWS080     Reserved For Papa Bear SignWS081    Know Your Salmon Chart WS082    Don't Mess With Mama Bear SignWS083    Big Foot Parking SignWS084

Vintage Fresh Coffee SignWS086    Historic Route 66 SignWS087      Genius Parking SignWS089