Bugs & Butterflies      Click thumbnail picture to enlarge.

Designs printed on front only:  

T = Adult T-Shirts   N = Scoop Neck T-Shirt   K = Youth  B = Tote Bags   C = Adult Cap  Y = Youth Cap

Bug Glow  WC244 K                 

 Butterfly Spectrum Ladies Scoop-Neck T - FrontButterfly Spectrum  WC399 N      WC399M

Swallowtail Butterfly  EM068C               Blue Butterfly  EM067 C             

Firefly Glo  WC409 K (glow in the dark)  

Butterfly Heart  WC412 K         Butterfly Lifecycle  WC447 K 

Butterfly Glow  WC534          Ladybug Glow (Glows in Dark) WC550 K

Bug Patrol  WC565 K                   

Butterfly Lace Ladies Scoop Neck T - FrontButterfly Lace WC624 N                    Butterfly Sparkle Youth T-shirtButterfly Sparkle WC628 TK

 Bee Hive Adult T-shirt - FrontBee Hive WC641 T                           Butterfly Wonder Youth T-shirt - FrontButterfly Wonder WC664 K, N

Butterfly Hex Youth T-shirt - FrontButterfly Hex WC665 T, K                    Cute As A Bug Youth T-shirt - FrontCute as a Bug WC680 K

 Ultimate Butterfly Guide Youth T-shirt - Front(f) Ultimate Butterfly Guide WC681 T, KUltimate Insect Guide Adult T-shirtUltimate Insect Guide WC685 T, K

Good & Plenty Monarchs Youth T-shirtGood & Plenty Butterflies WC688 K        Butterfly Glow Youth T-shirtButterfly Glow WC689 T, K

Monarch Kaleidoscope Youth T-shirtMonarch Kaleidoscope WC690 K, N        Morpho Kaleidoscope Ladies Scoop Neck Morpho Kaleidoscope WC697 K, N

Honey Bee Hex Adult T-shirtHoney Bee Hex WC704 T, K, Honey Bee Hex Canvas ToteWC704 B

Designs printed on front and back      (design is the same on front and back if only one picture is shown)

T = T-Shirts   N = Scoop Neck T-Shirt   K = Youth  B = Tote Bags

(f)(b)Butterfly Garden WC124  (f)WC124 N

Butterfly Garden WC124 B Butterfly Garden WC124 M 

 WC140M  EM065Y

(f)(b) Butterflies of N.A. WC221 T   WC221M

(f+b) Butterfly Splash  WC222 T    WC222B       

EM066C                        EM066Y   

Monarchs EM050C 

(f+b) Dragonfly Wrap  WC306 T           WC306M     Dragonfly Pond EM054C

(f) (b) BF of the World  WC367 T

 Morpho Glitter Adult T-shirt(f+b) Morpho Glitter  (sparkle Ink)  WC508 T        WC508M

(f)(b) Lepidoptera  WC516 T