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Shown below are stock designs -- always in stock for immediate shipment!  Minimum 10 pieces per design. 

With name drop OR custom designs -- Minimum order of 48 per design AND $100 total order.


Hummer Garden 2Hummer Garden  WC112G                        Butterfly Garden 2Butterfly Garden  WC124G

T-Rex Skeleton 2T-Rex Skeleton  WC240G                          Dinosaurs of NA 2Dinosaurs of NA  WC253G   

First Year 2First Year  WC266G              Science Is Awesome 2Science is Awesome WC267G

Fossils 2Fossils WC294G                    Einstein's Bicycle 2Einstein's Bycycle WC333G

Cat Trax 2Cat Trax   WC360G                                  Race For Survival 2Race for Survival  WC376G

Bear Trax 2Bear Trax  WC389G                                    Songbird Spectrum 2Songbird Spectrum  WC391G   

Butterfly Spectrum 2Butterfly Spectrum  WC399G    Shorebirds 2Shorebirds  WC402G               

Dinosaur Heads & Tails 2Dinosaur Heads & Tails WC430GMushrooms 2Mushrooms WC470G

Backyard Birds 2Backyard BirdsWC479G         Elemental Science! 2Elemental Science  WC487G   

Frog Glow 2Frog Glow  WC500G              Morpho Glitter 2Morpho Glitter  WC508G 

Gem Stones 2Gem Stones WC527G             Imagine Einstein 2Imagine Einstein  WC527G                           Gator Encounter 2Gator Encounter  WC538                             Backyard Buddies 2Backyard Buddies  WC542G 

Wading Birds 2Wading Birds WC549G                              Sun Powered Splash 2Sun Powered Splash WC554G

Dinosaur Rumble 2Dinosaur Rumble WC558G    Loggerhead Turtles 2Loggerhead Turtles WC562G

Giant Leap 2Giant Leap WC579G            Nouveau Morpho WC597G

Manatee Duet 2Manatee Duet WC599G                            Hummingbird Lace 2Hummingbird Lace WC616G

Night Vision 2Night Vision WC622G         Swamp Life 2Swamp Life WC635G

Periodic Table 2Periodic Table WC647G                           Florida Birds 2Florida Birds WC657G

Dinosaur Kingdom 2Dinosaur Kingdom WC660G                    Science Matters 2Science Matters WC663G

Sleepy Bear 2Sleepy Bear WC667G                              Imagine T-Rex 2Imagine T-Rex WC668G

Sky Hunters 2Sky Hunters WC671G                              Discharge Owl 2Discharge Owl WC673G

Planets & Dwarf Planets 2Planets & Dwarf Planets WC678GColumbian Mammoth 2Mammoth WC682G

Good & Plenty Butterflies 2Good & Plenty Butterflies WC688GShark School 2Shark School WC692G

Green Sea Turtle 2Green Sea Turtle WC705G                        Genius Parking 2Genius Parking WS035G

Bird Sanctuary 2Bird Sanctuary WS039G                            Butterfly Garden 2Butterfly Garden WS040G

Dinosaur Sanctuary 2Dinosaur Sanctuary WS055G                    Fallout Shelter 2Fallout Shelter WS062G

Tabletop Magnet DisplayMagnet Display ATMAG


FREE with $200 order, or may purchase.  Display measures 15 tall x 14 wide x 9 long