Discontinued Designs

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T = T-Shirts   N = Scoop Neck T-Shirt   K = Youth  B = Tote Bags   S = Adult Sweatshirts

Top Ten Nurse Adult Sweat Shirt - FrontTop 10 Nurse   AT100 S    

(f) (b) Bones WC109 T,K     Bones Ceramic Mug - Front(f)Bones Ceramic Mug - Back(b) WC109M       

Butterfly Garden Adult T-shirt(f)Butterfly Garden Adult T-shirt(b) Butterfly Garden WC124T  

(f)(b) Planets WC152 T,K,B   Planets Canvas Tote - Front

(f)(b) Butterflies of N.A. WC221 T   WC221M

Science is Awesome WC267 T,K     Einstein's Bicycle WC333 K     

 Butterfly Spectrum Ladies Scoop-Neck TButterfly Spectrum WC399 NVenomous Youth T-shirt(f)(b) Venomous WC427 T,

(f) (b)  Trees WC434 T 

Brain  WC462 T               WC462M

Bear Trouble Youth T-shirt - FrontBear Trouble WC514 K      Butterfly Glow  WC534 K       

All Systems Go! Adult T-shirt - FrontAll Systems Go WC539 T  

(f)  (b) Pleistocene  WC540 T    

Butterfly Alphabet  WC551 K    Bug Patrol Youth T-shirtBug Patrol #WC565 K

 Buffalo Trouble Youth T-shirtBuffalo Trouble  WC573 K            Rex Rush Youth T-shirtRex Rush WC576 T, K 

Otter Splash Adult T-shirtOtter Splash  WC578 K               Southern Nature Adult T-shirtSouthern Nature  WC581      

Dino Boy Youth T-shirtDino Boy  WC592 K                  Nouveau Morpho Ladies Scoop Neck TeeNouveau Morpho WC597 N

Roadside Flowers Ladies Scoop Neck TeeRoadside Wildflowers WC601 N        Bear Creek Adult T-shirt - FrontBear Creek  WC602 T  

Songbird Wreath Adult T-shirt - FrontSongbird Wreath WC613 T        Spirit of the Wolf Adult T-shirt - FrontSpirit of the Wolf WC619 T   

Think Big Youth T-shirt - FrontThink Big WC620 K                            Butterfly Lace Ladies Scoop Neck T - FrontButterfly Lace WC624 N      

 Sunflower Power Youth T-shirt - Front - Outside(outside)Sunflower Power Youth T-shirt - Front - Inside(inside) Sunflower Power WC627 K              

Butterfly Sparkle Youth T-shirtButterfly Sparkle WC628 TK    Campfire Life Adult T-shirt - FrontCampfire Life WC629 T

Elk Encounter Adult T-shirt - FrontElk Encounter WC631 T             Hangin' With My Peeps Youth T-shirtHangin' with my Peeps WC632                               

Eagle Spirit Adult T-shirtEagle Spirit WC633 T                      Swamp Life Adult Comfort Color T-shirtSwamp Life WC635 T      

 Flamingo Dancers Ladies Scoop Neck Tee - FrontFlamingo Dance WC636 N

N, Equestrian Lace Ladies Scoop Neck Tee - FrontK  Equestrian Lace WC638            

 Cubs! Oh My! Youth T-shirt - FrontCubs, Oh My!  WC643 K    First Steps Youth T-shirtFirst Steps WC644 K

 Rex Rage Youth T-shirt - FrontRex Rage WC645 K                   Beach Life Adult Comfort Color T-shirt - FrontBeach Life  WC646 T           

Mountain Life Adult Comfort Color T-shirt - FrontMountain Life WC649 T        Mosasaur Youth T-shirtMosasaur WC655 K

Vultures Adult T-shirt - Front(f)Vultures Adult T-shirt - Back(b)Vultures WC659 T   

Butterfly Hex Youth T-shirt - FrontButterfly Hex WC665 T, K    Call Me Al Adult Comfort Colors T-shirt - FrontCall Me Al WC669 T               

Flamingo Hex Adult T-shirt - FrontFlamingo Hex WC672 T, K   Imagine Sea Turtles Youth T-shirt - FrontImagine Sea Turtles WC658 K       

Bluebird Lace Adult T-shirt - FrontBluebird Lace WC675 T        Sleepy Bear Adult T-shirt - FrontSleepy Bear WC667 K      

Whale Hugger Youth T-shirtWhale Hugger WC679 T, K         Ultimate Butterfly Guide Youth T-shirt - Front(f) Ultimate Butterfly Guide WC681  K

Sea Turtle Hex Adult T-shirtSea Turtle Hex WC687 T, K    Good & Plenty Butterflies Youth T-shirt - FrontGood & Plenty Butterflies WC688 K

 Ultimate Seashell Guide Adult T-shirtUltimate Seashell Guide WC691 T, Shark School Youth T-shirtShark School WC692 K     

 Arizona Birds Adult T-shirtArizona Birds WC694 T          Ultimate Wildflower Guide Adult T-shirtUltimate Wildflower Guide WC696 T

Ultimate Marine Invertebrates Adult T-shirtUltimate Marine Invertabrate WC698 TUltimate Herb Guide Adult T-shirtUltimate Herb Guide WC700 T       

  Dino Bite Me Adult T-shirtDino Bite Me WC701 T, K      Gator Bite Me Youth T-shirtGator Bite Me WC702 T, K          

 Imagine Pi WC703 T                 Green Sea Turtle Adult T-shirtGreen Sea Turtle WC705 T           

Honey Bee Hex Adult T-shirtHoney Bee Hex WC704  K       World of Science Adult T-shirtWorld of Science WC707 T, K

Florida Birds Canvas ToteFlorida Birds WC657B     Backyard Birds Canvas Tote - Front(f)Backyard Birds Canvas Tote - Back(b) Backyard Birds WC479 B

Ultimate Wildflower Guide Canvas ToteUntimate Wildflower Guide WC696BUltimate Herb Guide Canvas ToteUltimate Herb Guide WC700B


 Hummer Fun Youth Embroidered CapEM005Y   Loon Embroidered CapEM009C    Ladybug Fun Youth Embroidered CapEM065Y

Butterfly Fun Youth Embroidered CapEM066Y    EM404C 

Butterfly CrossingX005 Bear Dead EndX29D X44  X090D X108

T-Rex CrossingX116 Snow Mobile Crossing - FrontX128 Surfer Crossing - FrontX142  Cocker Spaniel Crossing - FrontX155   Boarder CrossingX172

Snowshoe CrossingX177   X214 X226  X228  X258 

Danger! Crabs Crossing SignX264    This Place Is a Zoo SignX269 Zombie Crossing - FrontX271 Low Flying Bats Crossing SignX298  Songbird Crossing Sign - FrontX320   

Triceratops Crossing Sign - FrontX324   Bicycle Crossing SignX335Hunter Crossing Sign - FrontX342   Sandhill Crane Crossing SignX345  Shark Crossing Sign - FrontX346   

 Surfer Crossing Sign - FrontX348Aurora Borealis Crossing Sign - FrontX364   Pelican Crossing Sign - FrontX367   Dolphin Crossing Sign - FrontX374  Whale Watcher Sign - FrontX379     

Astronaut Crossing SignX383Frog Crossing SignWX386  Airboat Crossing SignX400    Termite Demolition Area SignX403  Hawk Crossing SignX406   

This Place Is A Zoo SignX413   Beware of Ticks SignX417

Street Signs:  4" x 24"


Eagle Landing Street Sign - FrontSS039

Warning Signs are 10" x 15"

http://www.wildcotton.com/img/FullSize/WS021-Swarm-Zone.pngWS021  Corkage Zone - FrontWS026    WS033    WS038    

 Iceberg Warning Sign - FrontWS043  Dinosaur Sanctuary Warning Sign - FrontWS055    http://www.wildcotton.com/img/FullSize/WS060-Deer-Parking.pngWS060     Biohazard Warning Sign - FrontWS065

 Good Wine Sign - FrontWS069  Dino Weight Limit SignWS078    Vintage Fresh Coffee SignWS086    Historic Route 66 SignWS087