Discontinued Designs

Call Lin @ 800.835.0369 for current list (email or fax) of stock quantities and sizes remaining.

T = T-Shirts   N = Scoop Neck T-Shirt   K = Youth  B = Tote Bags   G = Capped Sleeve Woman's T-Shirt, S = Adult Sweatshirts

Top Ten Nurse Adult Sweat Shirt - FrontTop 10 Nurse   AT100 S    

Butterfly Garden Adult T-shirt(f)Butterfly Garden Adult T-shirt(b) Butterfly Garden WC124T  

(f)(b) Planets WC152 T,K,B   Planets Canvas Tote - Front

Snakezz Youth T-shirtSnakezz WC346 K    Dino Trax Youth T-shirtDino Trax WC357 K

Firefly Glow Youth T-shirtFirefly Glow WC 409KSkeleton Adult T-shirt - Front(f)Skeleton Adult T-shirt - Back(b) Skeleton WC449  

Soaring Raptors WC458 T   Bear Trouble Youth T-shirt - FrontBear Trouble WC514 K      

(in sun)   (without sun)  (in dark) Sun Power /Moon Glow WC529 T

Butterfly Glow Youth T-shirtButterfly Glow WC534 K    All Systems Go! Adult T-shirt - FrontAll Systems Go WC539 T

 (f)  (b) Pleistocene  WC540 T

Uncultivated by Nature WC544 T   Ladybug Glow Youth T-shirtLadybug Glow WC550 K

Butterfly Alphabet  WC551 K

(outdoors)(indoors) Sun Power Splash  WC554N

 Buffalo Trouble Youth T-shirtBuffalo Trouble  WC573 K         Rex Rush Youth T-shirtRex Rush WC576 T, K 

Otter Splash Adult T-shirtOtter Splash  WC578 T, K          Butterfly Bush Ladies Scoop Neck Tee Butterfly Bush WC590 N      

Osprey Adult T-shirtOsprey WC600 T                             Roadside Flowers Ladies Scoop Neck TeeRoadside Wildflowers WC601 N

 Bear Creek Adult T-shirt - FrontBear Creek  WC602 T              Whitetail Deer Adult T-shirt - FrontWhite Tail Deer  WC605 T       

 Big Elements Jumbo Canvas Tote - FrontBig Elements  WC606 B                Forest Trax Youth T-shirt - FrontForest Trax  WC607 T, K           

Big Al Adult T-shirt - FrontBig Al WC608 T                        Gila Monster Trax Adult T-shirt - FrontGila Moster Trax WC609 T,

Songbird Wreath Adult T-shirtSongbird Wreath WC613 T             Utahraptor Youth T-shirt - FrontUtahraptor WC617 K

Big Foot Adult T-shirtBig Foot WC618 T                      Total Eclipse Adult T-shirt - FrontTotal Eclipse WC621 T     

Night Vision Canvas ToteNight Vision WC622B     

Sunflower Power Youth T-shirt - Front - Outside(outside)Sunflower Power Youth T-shirt - Front - Inside(inside) Sunflower Power WC627 K           

Butterfly Sparkle Adult T-shirtButterfly Sparkle WC628 T    Campfire Life Adult Comfort Color T-shirtCampfire Life WC629 T                                     

Elk Encounter Adult T-shirt - FrontElk Encounter WC631 T            Hangin' With My Peeps Youth T-shirtHangin' with my Peeps WC632   

Eagle Spirit Adult T-shirtEagle Spirit WC633 T                      Swamp Life Adult Comfort Color T-shirtSwamp Life WC635 T      

Flamingo Dancers Ladies Scoop Neck Tee - FrontFlamingo Dance WC636 N        N, Equestrian Lace Ladies Scoop Neck Tee - FrontK  Equestrian Lace WC638                

 Sea Monster Adult T-shirt - FrontSea Monster WC640 T                Forest Life Adult Comfort Color T-shirt - FrontForest Life WC642 T                   

Cubs! Oh My! Youth T-shirt - FrontCubs, Oh My!  WC643 K

First Steps Adult T-shirt - FrontT First Steps Youth T-shirt - FrontK First Steps Canvas Tote - FrontB First Stemps WC644

Rex Rage Youth T-shirtRex Rage WC645 K                    Beach Life Adult Comfort Color T-shirt - FrontBeach Life  WC646 T           

Mountain Life Adult Comfort Color T-shirt - FrontMountain Life WC649 T        Florida Birds Canvas ToteFlorida Birds WC657B   

Imagine Sea Turtles Youth T-shirtImagine Sea Turtles WC658 K    Sparkle Birds Youth T-shirtSparkle Birds WC662 K   

Flamingo Hex Youth T-shirtFlamingo Hex WC672 T, K        Whale Hugger Youth T-shirtWhale Hugger WC679 T, K

Cardinals Embroidered CapEM001C    Hummer Fun Youth Embroidered CapEM005Y    EM404C 


X090D Railroad CrossingX137 Turkey CrossingX149  Cocker Spaniel Crossing - FrontX155 Live Music Crossing - FrontX186 

  X214 X226  X228  X258 This Place Is a Zoo SignX269

Zombie Crossing - Front  X271 Astronaut Crossing Sign - FrontX309 Golf Cart Crossing SignX314 Hunter Crossing Sign - FrontX342 Surfer Crossing Sign - FrontX348

Javelina Silouette Crossing Sign X366  Skull Dead End SignX380 Miner CrossingX381  Astronaut Crossing SignX383 Golden Eagle CrossingX387

Street Signs:  4" x 24"



Eagle Landing Street Sign - FrontSS039

Warning Signs are 10" x 15"

http://www.wildcotton.com/img/FullSize/WS021-Swarm-Zone.pngWS021  Corkage Zone - FrontWS026    WS033  

 Iceberg Warning Sign - FrontWS043  http://www.wildcotton.com/img/FullSize/WS060-Deer-Parking.pngWS060     Biohazard Warning Sign - FrontWS065

Middle of Nowhere Sign - FrontWS068    Good Wine Sign - FrontWS069    Giant Leap Rockets SignWS073

Made in the USA SignWS074